Wendy is not just an amazing therapists but an amazing human being who truly cares for others well-being. I have been seeing Wendy for nearly six years and have truly grown from the experience. Having previously seen other therapists I can honestly say Wendy provides a unique therapy experience. When I first met Wendy in adolescent group therapy I was going through a deep depression and wasn’t very excited about attending. Soon, however, I found myself looking forward to going and was growing from listening to Wendy; she discussed growing-up, respect, and the value of relationships and self-love. Wendy was not only honest about the group’s shortcoming but hers as well. This was a truly invaluable experience because all of the other therapists I had previously seen would not discuss their own lives. When she discussed personal trials it gave me strength because I thought that if this strong person can struggle with depression and still be successful not only financially but in relationships, then I can do the same thing. In group we didn’t only discuss out flaws, Wendy encouraged the positive choices we made and a balanced lifestyle.

These points have stuck with me throughout my life and will hopefully continue. After I graduated from the program, I started seeing Wendy as my personal therapist because I appreciated the feedback I got from her and wanted to continue in a more intimate setting. With her I have gone through some of my most troubling times and she has been an encouraging voice throughout. I remember once we were in session and I wasn’t making much improvements and she told me that I was being stagnant and I had never really given much thought before then. After that I really felt like I needed to continue pushing my relationships so that I could know their full potential.

When I have done family sessions for her she has been a good mediator and sees all sides of conflict. She is good at sensing when a subject is too sensitive and which ones are integral to a healthy relationship. Wendy will draw things out of you that you need to discuss and is a sound mind when emotions run high during those sessions.

Now after seeing her for so long our relationship has evolved into move of a life coach and she is still there for me when I need support. However, now we have more freedom to not only discuss my relationships but also how to improve my resume and other pertinent information I need growing up as a young woman. A lot of people are not exposed to how to figure out money management, career growth, or life in general and she provides this to me as well. She is an amazing person and I am happy to call her my life coach.

A grateful Father, Mother & Daughter

Our partnership with Wendy allowed us to save our daughter in more ways than we would have ever imagined. She was a sophomore in high school when our challenges began. We didn’t know where to start, were at a loss and had visited three other resources before meeting Wendy. Little did we know that late evening would mark the beginning of the most amazing journey of healing for our Daughter and also for our family. It takes a lot of commitment to work through difficult challenges, but when you never loose sight of your children’s well being and you love unconditionally, you achieve greatness along with total recovery and healing. Our journey with Wendy and our daughter was the best life investment we could have done. Today she is in college, has never regressed and continues to see Wendy as a life coach. Her life experience and work with Wendy has inspired her to want to work with adolescent teens and in many ways pay it forward. We will forever be grateful to Wendy and her professional and caring skills. She holds a very special place in our hearts and with our family.


When I first met Wendy I was 17 years old & I was in a very bad place. I had a bad relationship with my father (who had never been there for me), I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, and doing things that I now can say, I am not proud of. She guided me and has helped me view and understand another side to everything. I have never felt more comfortable with anyone to talk about my life and how I truly feel. I find myself being open & unapologetically honest with her. I love how straight forward she has been. She has pushed me to make it bettering myself an everyday task and I see myself becoming the best version of me. I love & appreciate the guidance she has given me. Wendy reminded me of my worth and who I am. She also taught me that there are things I cannot control, and to not stress over them and to simply focus on me.

Over the years I have experienced a roller coaster of crazy emotions, and I am truly thankful to have crossed paths with her. Everyone needs someone who they can be 100% honest with and receive 100% honesty in return.


I have only great things to say about Wendy. I met Wendy when she helped me with my then teen-age daughter (when I was having issues with her). Wendy really had an impact on my daughter, and helped me tremendously in coping as a single mother with her & the struggles she was experiencing. I have seen great improvement in my daughter’s attitude and the choices she has been making in her young adult life. I later pursued therapy with Wendy for my own needs and found that she challenged me and really made me think. She taught me how to see things in more positive light & how to apply optimism to my life.


Thanks to Wendy Whitmore, I now have healthy happy relationships with my adult children. She taught me the necessity for having healthy boundaries. She taught me to let go of the things I really couldn’t change, and do something about the things I could. I am proud of who I am today! I never thought in a million years I would ever say that! Wendy has truly gotten me and my family to a place of peace.

Thank you Wendy!! I appreciate all you have done.


Thank you Wendy Whitmore, for your dedication, direction and most importantly the support and tools that you have given through this journey that you Promised to walk with me. Three months ago, March of 2014, I started on a journey that I thought was insurmountable. You promised to walk with me and help me to navigate through my co-dependent behavior with my son who is an addict. During this time I have been able to do things I never imagined possible. I have been able to set boundaries with my son, which has helped him to enter into a drug rehab facility. I have started attending CODA meetings. Wendy you have helped me to see through the fog that I was in. I was in a place of despair, depression, loneliness, and wanted to give up. With your help I now have hope and a brighter outlook on the future. I now have the ability to say to myself, that although things are not ideal, I am good and I will get through this. I have been through worse, I now have the tools that I needed in order to move forward. Thank you Wendy for being kind, compassionate and always there when I need you.

With most gratitude,