About Me

I, Wendy Whitmore, am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) & life coach and the owner & founder of Truth, Healing & Evolution Counseling Services. As an expert clinician & life coach, I work with my clients to develop their goals and tailor their treatment plan to meet their particular needs. As a wife, mother and business owner, I empathize with my clients and their daily struggle to maintain balance in their life, and I work with them to achieve a sense of emotional and mental stability.

As a result of working with me, my clients are able to embrace life’s struggles, while maintaining a healthy balance of life and love, and keep their emotional and mental stability intact.

I have over 10 years of experience working with couples, families, children, adolescents, individuals seeking treatment for depression, survivors of trauma (abuse), & those needing assistance with life adjustments.

I have extensive experience in private practice, school, group home (for at risk youth ages 12 to 18), & hospital (specializing in adolescent intensive outpatient care; adolescent i.o.p) settings.

My Areas of Expertise

Depression, Survivors of physical, emotional &/or sexual abuse, Letting go (Grief Counseling), Marital discourse, Co-Habitating, Couples in Conflict, Your Journey, Anger management, Selfesteem/Poor Self-Image and Perpetrators of Violence; i.e. physical, emotional &/or sexual abuse.

What I DO

Life Coaching: Are you in need of a JUMPSTART? Has your personal growth come to a halt? Do you feel like you have gone as far as you can alone? Are you seeking emotional and mental stability? Have you grown tired of trying to maintain balance? If so, this service is for you. During your Life Coaching sessions I will challenge you to implement the 3 CRUCIAL STEPS to JUMPSTART your journey of self discovery; “RECOGNITION, REACTION AND RESOLUTION”. First I will challenge you, and ask that you RECOGNIZE & acknowledge that a problem exists. Second I will assist you in the process of deciding, appropriate ways to REACT to the situation/problem(s) that exists. And finally I will work with you on developing and implementing a plan to RESOLVE the issue(s).


Individual Counseling: Is perfect for anyone struggling with letting go of grudges, moving past pain (caused by traumatic experiences), and individuals feeling lost & are unsure of how to get back to feeling great about who they are AND living their life to it’s greatest potential.


Family Counseling: Bringing families together, by giving each individual the power to communicate effectively, an opportunity to be heard and the family to be healed.


Couples Counseling: For couples looking to revitalize their relationships by unlocking the power within, that allows them to quiet the conflict that is threatening to destroy the possibilities for growth in their relationship. It is my goal to transform their relationship into a partnership.


As a published writer, motivational speaker, guest lecturer and community activist; I have a passion for freeing individuals of the grudges and struggles that keep them from living life to it’s greatest potential; teaching the motto, “If it is not enhancing your life, it has no place in your life.”

Educational Background

University of La Verne Master of Science (M.S.)

Marriage and Family Therapy 2004-2006

UCR Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Psychology & Ethnic Studies 1998-2002